Check Inn

You will start developing your own hotel business from scratch with the cheapest hotel on the outskirts of the city by building rooms and accommodating guests in them. Buy new territories for construction, each of which has its unique peculiarities. For example, one of the land pots has a pond that limits available room for building, but a great view will open to the guests.

Open up the possibility of building more expensive hotels! In more comfortable and expensive hotels there are rooms with extraordinary shapes and you have to carefully plan their placement. And nothing else can be built above rooms with terraces, but you will receive the most income from guests settling in them.

Hire managers to automate accomodating guests! After all, managing many hotels yourself and responding to the wishes of guests is becoming more and more difficult every day. The manager will take control of the process of checking in new guests at a particular hotel. However, you can continue to expand this hotel by building new floors. Can you build the tallest building in the city?

It is also necessary to have a sufficient number of maids on staff, because each room requires cleaning after guests. Until the room is cleaned, a new guest cannot be accommodated in it. The more spacious the room is, the more time it takes to put it in order.

The hotel is growing rapidly, so it is necessary to build elevators that allow guests to get to the room on the desired floor. Ensure the good condition of elevators by upgrading them, and also buy new ones to fully cover growing needs.

Guests also don’t want to stay anywhere - they demand a hotel of a certain star rating and a room that suits them. And they don’t wait forever, they only have limited patience! Try to serve everyone to earn as much as possible and expand your hotel chain.

Check Inn is simple at first glance, but in fact it's an extremely entertaining game that will allow you to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of hotel business.


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